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Weapon Selection

Weapon selection is a MUST against many classes in Elisus. Having the right weapon in the right situation, against the right class will keep you alive, will win you that PK, or make your opponent run. Below is a table of what weapons you should use against which classes as well as their defensive, offensive, disarm, to be disarmed, and shield disarm values.

Weapon values: red is bad, blue is good.
Versus offense (vOff)
Versus defense (vDef)
To disarm (vDis)
To shield disarm (vShi)
To be disarmed (vUna)

vOff vDef vDis vShi vUna
Axe 4 -4 -2 2 1
Dagger -2 0 0 -5 0
Exotic1 2 -2 3 4 -4
Flail 3 -3 2 5 -2
Mace 2 -1 -3 0 -3
Polearm 1 3 -1 1 -4
Staff -4 5 -2 -2 4
Spear -1 2 -4 -4 2
Sword 0 0 1 -3 3
Whip 5 -5 5 3 -5
Instrument -3 -1 -5 5 -1

1 Hand to hand is considered an exotic for weapon ratings.

A less confusing table showing strengths of each weapon type as directly compared to each other.

Offense Defense To Disarm To Shield Disarm To Be Disarmed
Best Whip Staff Whip Flail/Instrument Whip
2 Axe Exotic/H2H Exotic/Polearm
3 Flail Polearm Exotic/H2H Whip Mace
4 Exotic/Mace/H2H Spear Flail Axe Flail
5 Polearm Sword Polearm Instrument
6 Sword Dagger/Sword Dagger Mace Dagger
7 Spear Instrument/Mace Polearm Axe
8 Dagger Exotic/H2H Axe/Staff Staff Spear
9 Instrument Flail Mace Sword Sword
10 Staff Axe Spear Spear Staff
Worst Whip Instrument Dagger

Weapons that Classes don’t know:

Axe Dagger Exotic Flail Mace Polearm Spear Staff Sword Whip
Bard x x x x x
Battlemage x x x x
Berserker x
Blademaster x x x x x
Cleric x x x x x
Dark-Knight x
Druid x x x x
Healer x x x x x
Invoker x x x x x x
Monk x x x
Necromancer x x x x x x
Ninja x x x x x
Paladin x x x x x
Ranger x x
Shaman x x x x x
Thief x x x x x

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