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Time in Elisus is accelerated compared to the time that actually passes in real life (RL). Below are lists of time differences, conversion tables, names of days, months, and other useful information.

Elisus Time

60 Seconds = 1 Minute
60 Minutes = 1 Hour
24 Hours = 1 Day
10 Days = 1 Week
6 Weeks = 1 Month
6 Months = 1 Year


One Elisus hour (tick) is 25 to 35 RL seconds. As such, times are not exact:

Real Life Elisus
1 Second 2 Minutes
1 Minute 2 Hours
6 Minutes 12 Hours
12 Minutes 1 Day
1 Hour 5 Days
2 Hours 1 Week
12 Hours 1 Month
1 Day 2 Months
3 Days 1 Year
1 Week 2.5 Years
1 Month 10 Years
1 Year 120 Years

Days of the Week

There are ten days in each Elisus week:
Firstday, Seconday, Thirday, Fourthday, Fiftday, Sixday, Sevenday, Eightday, Nineday, and Sunday.

Months and Seasons

There are six months in an Elisus year:
Life, Nature, Balance, Chaos, Death, Order

Season Start Date End Date
Spring 1st of Life 30th of Nature
Summer 31st of Nature 60th of Balance
Fall 1st of Chaos 30th of Death
Winter 31st of Death 60th of Order

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