Forsaken Mud

The Void Awakens

The pattern continues. Within Elisus and around it. And as this pattern exists in a cycle of life and death. As Order and chaos struggle. The flames rise ever higher, a beacon shining in the void. And as with the fate of each realm from which it was made Elisus began to tempt the same. Though what was left of the old realms, but embers. And as the old gods struggled and vied for dominance this same struggle was occurring on a scale beyond even their comprehension.

Mindless forces had been coalescing. Consuming realities in an ever-churning battle of disorder and order. Entropy and Negentropy. And when there was nothing left upon which to feed, and the shattered remains were all consumed. These two forces turned at once upon themselves. Merging, growing, becoming more than mindless things. Emerging as antithetical conscious’ that spanned the void, inevitably turning their insurmountable wills towards the final shred of the original realms that they had ripped apart in their own infancy, Elisus.

Knowing nothing but themselves, these two forces crashed upon Elisus. Each tore at the last remnant of realities their infant selves had destroyed, bending their very existence to shaping it as they saw fit. Knowing it for what it was, the remnants of their own birth. And in that moment of instantaneous reckoning, as these eternal forces given their newfound will bent all their efforts towards this one precise point. They found each other.

The effect was cataclysmic. The cycle that had sustained the old gods broken. And as their own meager existences became apparent, they themselves were frozen in that very moment. Petrified instantly, unable to assert their will as they were simultaneously crushed between and ripped apart by these two insurmountable forces. Yet as the gods froze, the lands remained unchanged. Held upon the cusp of destruction by the same very force that had pulled them together. This nexus of energy swelled, and at its center was Nigmuth.

With what a mortal would describe as excruciating pain these forces found themselves at once, and for the first time since their inception, met with something they could not immediately overcome. This one limitation became to them like a prison. And as they had just become aware, they were forced to take shape within the very plane of existence upon which all their focus had been directed. Emerging as Sidr the burning light of order, and Devortrix the cold darkness of entropy and chaos.

Thus, began a higher order of conflict. Sidr and Devortrix were forced to struggle with the concept that their own newfound awareness had come with a price. For as they pulled and pushed in their attempts to wrest control of Elisus from each other Nigmuth stood at the center. His own strength growing feeding upon them as the old gods had fed upon mortals. Elisus becoming the center of the known universe, its purpose finally known. The final stage for an eternal struggle, entrapping the very entities that had shattered the realms from which it was made.

Parent: History

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