Forsaken Mud

Socials List

Name: aargh accept accuse agree apologize applaud babble bat bcatch beam
You, if no victim: AAAAAA-RRRRRR-GGGGGG-HHHHHH!!!!!! You accept the proffered apology graciously. Accuse who?? You agree absolutely. You apologize until you are blue in the face. Clap, clap, clap. You babble endlessly. You bat your long, dark lashes and smile innocently. You reach out and rescue the bottle from its flight. You beam delightedly at nothing in particular.
Everyone sees: $n throws back $s head and howls in profound frustration! $n graciously accepts the proffered apology. $n is in an accusing mood. $n agrees absolutely. $n apologizes profusely. $n gives a round of applause. $n babbles endlessly, won’t $e EVER shut up? $n bats $s long, dark lashes and smiles innocently. $n reaches out and grabs the bottle of beer tossed to $m. $n beams broadly at nothing in particular.
You, if victim: You scream your frustration and grab for $S throat with both hands! You look accusingly at $M. You nod in enthusiastic agreement with $N. You might as well apologize because $E sure as hell won’t. You clap at $N’s actions. You babble to $N for hours on end. You dazzle $N with your smile.
Everyone except victim: $n howls in frustration, and leaps for $N, trying to throttle $M! $n looks accusingly at $N. $n nods in enthusiastic agreement with $N. $n apologizes to $N with a very sincere look on $s face. $n claps at $N’s actions. $n babbles to $N for what seems an eternity, how can $N stand it? $n must like $N a great deal to beam at $M so broadly!
Victim sees: $n grabs for your throat with two hands, howling in frustration! $n looks accusingly at you. $n nods in enthusiastic agreement with you. $n apologizes to you and begs for forgiveness. $n gives you a round of applause. You MUST’VE done something good! $n babbles at you. You nod mechanically, hoping $e will shut up soon. $n must like you a great deal to beam at you so broadly!
Return if victim isn’t found: You get even MORE frustrated when you can’t find anyone to throttle! Accuse somebody who’s not even there ?? Sorry, your target is absent. Who’s that? You give your imaginary round of applause to your imaginary friend. Whom do you wish to annoy with your babble? You look pretty silly beaming at imaginary friends…
You, on self: You scream in frustration at your own stupidity! You accuse yourself. You find yourself most agreeable. You applaud at yourself. Boy, are we conceited! You babble on and on to yourself, FINALLY! someone who LISTENS!! Well, aren’t you special?
Everyone sees: $n screams in frustration at $s own stupidity! $n seems to have a bad conscience. $n finds $mself the most agreeable being alive. $n applauds at $mself. Boy, are we conceited! $n babbles quietly to $mself. $n beams at $mself, obviously pleased.
Name: bearhug beckon beg bkiss bleed blink blush boast boggle bonk
You, if no victim: Whom do you wish to bear hug? You beckon for everyone to follow. You beg the gods for mercy. You blow kisses to the air. You bleed profusely — making a horrible mess! You bat your eyelashes. Your cheeks are burning. You boast loudly of all your amazing accomplishments. You boggle at the concept. *BONK!!!*
Everyone sees: $n beckons for everyone to follow. The gods fall down laughing at $n’s request for mercy. $n blows kisses at no one in particular. $n weakly bleeds all over the floor. $n blinks innocently. $n blushes. $n boasts loudly in a pigheaded fashion. $n boggles at the concept.
You, if victim: You overwhelm $N with a great, big, hulking bearhug. You beckon for $N to follow — sure hope they do! You desperately try to squeeze a few coins from $M. You blow a kiss at $N and wonder if $E will catch it. You bleed on $N — ewww! You blink innocently at $N. You get all flustered up seeing $M. You boast to $N of all your great deeds. You boggle at $N. You bonk $N on the head for being such a moron.
Everyone except victim: $n encompasses $N in an ENORMOUS bearhug! $n beckons $N to follow…hmmm what’s going on? $n begs you for money. You graciously let $m peep at your fortune. $n blows a kiss at $N … isn’t $e so CUTE? $n bleeds on $N. Watch out, YOU might be next! $n blinks innocently at $N. $n blushes as $e sees $N here. $n boasts to $N. $n boggles at $N. $n bonks $N on the head for being such an UTTER moron.
Victim sees: $n clutches you tightly in an overwhelming bearhug! $n beckons for you to follow. $n begs $N for a dime or two – or twenty ! $n blows a kiss at you and hopes you’ll blow one back at $m. $n bleeds on you — ewww! Get away!! $n blinks innocently at you. $n blushes as $e sees you here. Such an effect on people! Once again, $n boasts to you, what a bloated ego! $n boggles at you. $n bonks you on the head for being so foolish.
Return if victim isn’t found: Perhaps you should shower your affections on someone who is here? So sorry, that person has already left. Your money-lender seems to be out for the moment. You kiss falls to the ground with no one to go to. Bleed on whom? Feign innocence for whom? You blush as you notice that person isn’t here. Your ego takes a blow. They’ve already left. Boggle away. They’ve left. *BONK* they left…
You, on self: You vainly clutch yourself in a bearhug for consolation. You beckon to your shadow to follow. Begging yourself for money doesn’t help. You blow a kiss to yourself… isn’t the world beautiful? You bleed all over yourself. You try to convince yourself of your innocence. You blush at your own folly. You boast to yourself of all your great feats! Your own biggest fan. You boggle at yourself. Hmmm… intriguing. You bonk yourself, fool that you are.
Everyone sees: $n hugs $mself as tightly as possible. Looks like $e could use a hand. $n beckons to $s shadow to follow. $n blows a kiss to $mself, obviously very in love. $n bleeds profusely all over $mself. $n blushes as $e notices $s boo-boo. $n boasts to $mself — what an ego! $n boggles quietly to $mself. $n bonks $mself and grimaces in pain.
Name: bow brb buff burp cackle caress cheer chortle chuckle clap
You, if no victim: You bow deeply. Hope to see you soon! You buff your nails on your cloak. You burp loudly. You cackle gleefully. Who do you wish to caress? You cheer and dance as the joy within you bursts forth! Heh. You chuckle politely. You clap your hands together.
Everyone sees: $n bows deeply. $n will be right back! $n buffs $s nails on $s cloak. $n burps loudly. $n throws back $s head and cackles with insane glee! $n looks for someone to caress. $n cheers and sings… $e is just BURSTING with joy! $n chortles mischievously. $n chuckles politely. $n shows $s approval by clapping $s hands together.
You, if victim: You bow before $M. You burp loudly to $M in response. You cackle gleefully at $N You tenderly caress $M. You cheer $N on and wish $M good luck! You chortle mischievously at $N. You chuckle at $S joke. You clap at $S performance.
Everyone except victim: $n bows before $N. $n burps loudly in response to $N’s remark. $n cackles gleefully at $N. $n tenderly caresses $N. *Yay!* Go $N!!! $n cheers $M on. $n chortles mischievously at $N. $n chuckles at $N’s joke. $n claps at $N’s performance.
Victim sees: $n bows before you. $n burps loudly in response to your remark. $n cackles gleefully at you. Better keep your distance from $m. $n tenderly caresses your body. You are cheered on by $n… you feel so loved! $n chortles mischievously at you. $n chuckles at your joke. $n claps at your performance.
Return if victim isn’t found: Who’s that? You can’t find your victim. You can’t find a friend to cackle with. You’re S.O.L., buddy. Who? Huh? Where? They’re not here, that’s for sure Took you a while to get that….they aren’t here. You can’t find a friend to chuckle with. You clap for nothing.
You, on self: You kiss your toes. You burp at yourself. You cackle at yourself. Now, THAT’S strange! You cheer silently for yourself since nobody else will You chortle at your own joke. You chuckle at your own joke, since no one else would. You clap at your own performance.
Everyone sees: $n folds up like a jackknife and kisses $s own toes. $n burps at $mself. What a sick sight. $n is really crazy now! $e cackles at $mself. $n resorts to cheering for $mself… how sad. $n chortles at $s own joke. Don’t bother. $n chuckles at $s own joke, since none of you would. $n claps at $s own performance.
Name: collapse comb comfort confused congratulate conspire contemplate cough cover cower
You, if no victim: You collapse on the floor from exhaustion. You comb your hair – perfect. Do you feel uncomfortable? Your confusion is showing. You clap your hands together in approval. You wink conspiratorially, waiting for the countersign. You bite your lip contemplatively. Yuck, try to cover your mouth next time! You cover your ears to protect them from the noise. You cower in a corner.
Everyone sees: $n dramatically collapses to the floor from exhaustion. $n combs $s hair, what a dashing specimen ! $n blinks slowly… $n claps $s hands together in approval. $n winks conspiratorially, waiting for the countersign. $n bites $s lip contemplatively. $n coughs loudly. $n covers $s ears to protect them from all the noise. $n cowers in a corner and whimpers softly.
You, if victim: You collapse right into $N’s arms. You patiently untangle $N’s hair – what a mess ! You comfort $M. You blink slowly, trying to decipher $S comment. You slap $N on the back on a job well done. You induct $M into your private conspiracy with a wink. You glare at $N and cover your ears. You cower away from $N and $S harsh words.
Everyone except victim: $n collapses right into $N’s arms. $n tries patiently to untangle $N’s hair. $n comforts $N. $n blinks slowly. Maybe $N left a word out of $S sentence… $n slaps $N on the back on a job well done. $n winks conspiratorially at $N. You wonder what this can mean. $n glares at $N and covers $s ears. $n cowers in a corner, terrified that $N will come after $m.
Victim sees: Suddenly, $n collapses into your arms from exhaustion. $n pulls your hair in an attempt to comb it. $n comforts you. $n blinks slowly. Maybe you left a word out of your sentence? $n slaps you on the back on a job well done. $n inducts you into $S private conspiracy with a wink. $n covers $s ears because of you… you are TOO LOUD! You scared poor $n! Now $S is cowering in a corner, afraid for $s life.
Return if victim isn’t found: They’ve already left, just collapse on the floor. That person is not here. Comfort who? No wonder you’re confused. Even you conspire against yourself. They aren’t here right now. That person is AWOL at the moment.
You, on self: You pull your hair, but it will not be combed. You make a vain attempt to comfort yourself. You slap yourself on back. $n is paranoid enough to distrust even $mself. No… I don’t think so. You are afraid of your own shadow!
Everyone sees: $n tries to comb $s tangled hair. $n has no one to comfort $m but $mself $n slaps $mself on the back. $n cowers in the corner afraid of $s own shadow
Name: cringe criticize cry cuddle curse curtsy dance daydream dismay drool
You, if no victim: You cringe in terror. Yes, but who? Waaaaah.. Who do you feel like cuddling today? You swear loudly for a long time. You curtsy to your audience. Feels silly, doesn’t it? You dream of better times. You shake your head in dismay. You drool down the front of your shirt.
Everyone sees: $n cringes in terror! $n bursts into tears. $n swears : @*”*&^*%@*&! !!!!! $n curtsies gracefully. $n dances wildly before you! $n looks absent-minded, $s eyes staring into space. $n shakes $s head in dismay. $n drools all over $mself — making a TERRIBLE mess!
You, if victim: You cringe away from $M. You criticize $M with all the warmth of a snake. You cry on $S shoulder. You cuddle $M. You swear at $M. You curtsy to $M. You lead $M to the dance floor. You shake your head in dismay at $N’s strange actions. You drool messily on $N.
Everyone except victim: $n cringes away from $N in mortal terror. With a nasty grin, $n rips apart $Ns efforts. $n cries on $N’s shoulder. $n cuddles $N. $n swears at $N. $n curtsies gracefully to $N. $n sends $N across the dance floor. $n shakes $s head in dismay at $N’s strange actions. $n drools upon $N.
Victim sees: $n cringes away from you. $n informs you that your attempts need some MAJOR adjustments. $n cries on your shoulder. $n cuddles you. $n swears at you! Where are the manners? $n curtsies gracefully for you. $n sends you across the dance floor. $n shakes $s head in dismay at your strange actions. $n looks at you lustily and drools.
Return if victim isn’t found: I don’t see anyone by that name here.. what are you afraid of? Where oh where has my victim gone, oh where oh where… Who’s that? They aren’t here. You can’t find the victim of your frustrations. You curtsy to no one in particular. Eh, WHO? Nobody ’round with that name, Mister! Oh fine, make a pool of slobber — they aren’t even here!
You, on self: I beg your pardon? You criticize yourself profusely. You cry to yourself. You must feel very cuddly indeed … 🙂 You swear at your own mistakes. You curtsy to your audience (yourself). You skip and dance around by yourself. $n shakes $s head in dismay at $mself… how strange. You drool down the front of your shirt.
Everyone sees: $n tears $mself apart, cursing $s own stupidity. $n sobs quietly to $mself. $n cuddles up to $s shadow. What a sorry sight. $n starts swearing at $mself. Why don’t you help? $n curtsies to $mself, since no one is paying attention to $m. $n skips a light Fandango. $n drools all over $mself — making a TERRIBLE mess!
Name: duck embrace eyebrow faint fart flare flex flinch flip flirt
You, if no victim: DUCK!!!! Who would you like to embrace? You raise an eyebrow at the notion. You faint. You emit an unpleasant blast of gas. You flare your nostrils disdainfully. You flex your muscles proudly! EEEK… You flinch in obvious pain. You flip head over heels. You flirt outrageously.
Everyone sees: $n ducks defensively. $n raises an eyebrow. $n faints. $n farts. A greenish cloud envelops $n. $n flares $s nostrils disdainfully. $n flexes $s muscles…what a stud!?! $n flinches in obvious pain… you wonder what $e did THIS time. $n flips head over heels. $n is an outrageous flirt.
You, if victim: You duck defensively, anticipating the oncoming swipe from $N. You wrap your arms around $N in a warm and loving embrace. You raise your eyebrow at $N. You faint into $S arms. You fart at $N. Gross! You flare your nostrils disdainfully at $N… HOW RUDE! You show off to $N, flexing your muscles proudly. Don’t you wish you could just crawl under a rock and die? You flip $M over your shoulder. You flirt with $N trying to get $S attention.
Everyone except victim: $n ducks, anticipating $N’s reaction. $n wraps $s arms around $N in a warm and loving embrace. $n raises an eyebrow at $N’s weird actions. $n faints into $N’s open arms. $n farts on $N. Gross! $n flares $s nostrils disdainfully at $N and turns up $s snobbish nose. $n flexes $s muscles, in a vain attempt to impress $N. $n sneaks a glance at $N and flinches. $n flips $N over $s shoulder. $n flirts with $N, hmmm wonder what $e wants? *wink*
Victim sees: $n ducks, please oh please don’t hit $m! $n takes you in $s arms in a warm and loving embrace. $n raises an eyebrow at you. $n just fainted into YOUR arms. $n farts on you! What a pig! $n flares $s nostrils disdainfully at you… what’d you DO??? $n flexes $s muscles in a vain attempt to show off to you. $n flinches in response to your cold rebuke. $n flips you over $s shoulder. Hmmmm. $n flirts with you.
Return if victim isn’t found: Your heart breaks as you realize you are alone. Forget it. They aren’t here. You fall on the floor and look stupid — really suave. That is very unpleasant. Flare if you wish, but that person isn’t here to see it. Relax, $E is gone. You can’t find the person. Sorry no one here to flirt with. 🙁
You, on self: You try to console yourself with a loving embrace. You fart on yourself, making a horrible smell. *Sniff* But you should LOVE yourself! You can’t believe what you’ve done… You tumble all over the room. You flirt with yourself — what ARE you trying to gain!?!?!?
Everyone sees: $n tries to console $mself by wrapping $s arms around $mself. $n farts on $mself. What a pig! $n twitches violently, shocked at $s own behavior. $n does some nice tumbling and gymnastics. $n flirts with $mself, wonder what $e is trying to accomplish?
Name: flutter frown fume gack gasp giggle glare grimace grin groan
You, if no victim: You flutter your eyelashes seductively. You frown disapprovingly. Take it easy now! count to ten, very slowly. Gaaack! You gasp in astonishment. You giggle. You glare at nothing in particular. You grimace painfully at the thought. You grin evilly. You groan loudly.
Everyone sees: $n flutters $s eyelashes seductively. $n frowns. $n grits $s teeth and fumes with rage. $n gacks with dismay! $n gasps in astonishment. $n giggles. $n glares around $m. $n grimaces painfully at the thought. $n grins evilly. $n groans loudly.
You, if victim: You flutter your eyelashes at $N, trying to be seductive. You frown at what $E did. You stare at $M, fuming. Appalled, you gack at $N. You gasp as you realize what $E did. You giggle in $S presence. You glare icily at $M. You grimace at $N. You grin evilly at $M. You groan at the sight of $M.
Everyone except victim: $n flirts with $N, flutters $s eyelashes at $M. $n frowns at what $N did. $n stares at $N, fuming with rage. $n gacks expressively, shooting $N a dismayed look. $n gasps as $e realizes what $N did. $n giggles at $N’s actions. $n glares at $N. $n grimaces at $n. $n grins evilly at $N. $n groans at the sight of $N.
Victim sees: $n flutters $s eyelashes at you coyly. $n frowns at what you did. $n stares at you, fuming with rage! $n gacks, and looks your way, dismayed. $n gasps as $e realizes what you did. $n giggles at you happily. Hope it’s not contagious! $n glares icily at you, you feel cold to your bones. $n grimaces at you. What could be wrong? $n grins evilly at you. Hmmm. Better keep your distance. $n groans at the sight of you.
Return if victim isn’t found: EH? Can’t see them here. You don’t see any reason to frown. Fume away… they ain’t here. That person isn’t here. You need to panic. You giggle by yourself, since you can’t find a partner to giggle with. You try to glare at somebody who is not present. You grimace at no one in particular. You must be delirious. You see no reason to groan.
You, on self: You frown at yourself. Poor baby. That’s right – hate yourself! *GACK!* You look at yourself and gasp! You giggle at yourself, which makes you giggle at yourself, which makes you … You glare icily at your feet, they are suddenly very cold. You grimace painfully at your thoughts. You grin at yourself. You must be getting very bad thoughts. You groan as you realize what you have done.
Everyone sees: $n frowns at $mself. What a sad puppy…. $n clenches $s fists and stomps $s feet, fuming with anger. Appalled, $n gacks at $mself! $n takes one look at $mself and gasps in astonishment! $n giggles at $mself. $e must be nervous or something. $n glares at $s feet, what is bothering $m? $n grimaces painfully to $mself. $n grins at $mself. You must wonder what’s in $s mind. $n groans as $e realizes what $e has done.
Name: grovel growl grumble hand hiccup highfive hop howl hug hush
You, if no victim: You grovel in the dirt. Grrrrr-rrrrr… You grumble distractedly to yourself. Kiss whose hand? *HIC* You jump in the air and give a BIG high five to…umm…absolutely nothing. You hop around like a little kid. You howl at the moon. Hug who? SHHHH-HHHHH-HHHHH-HHHHH-HHH
Everyone sees: $n grovels in the dirt. $n growls. $n grumbles and growls. You wonder what’s wrong… $n hiccups. $n wildly high fives the air, looking very foolish — very foolish indeed. $n hops around like a little kid. $n howls at the moon. $n requests everyone quiet down. Shhhh-hhhhh-hh…
You, if victim: You grovel before $M. Grrrrr-rrrrr…. take that, $N!!! You grumble at $N, disgusted with their presence. You kiss $S hand. You jump in the air and give a BIG high five to $N! You howl soulfully at $N. You hug $M. You nicely ask $N to be more quiet.
Everyone except victim: $n grovels in the dirt before $N. $n growls at $N. Better leave the room before the fighting starts. $n seems to be a grumpy bear… $e is grumbling at poor $N. $n kisses $N’s hand. How continental! $n enthusiastically high-five’s $N! $n howls at $N. $n hugs $N. $n nicely asks $N to be more quiet.
Victim sees: $n grovels in the dirt before you. $n growls at you. Hey, two can play it that way! $n is grumbling at you… what’d you do? $n kisses your hand. How continental! $n gives you a BIG high five! Way to go!! $n howls soulfully at you. $n hugs you. $n kindly requests that you please quiet down.
Return if victim isn’t found: Who? No one can see you growl that far. That person is presently AWOL. You can’t find a lady in THIS group. Sorry, they have already left. Who? What? Where? Sorry, friend, I can’t see that person here. Who needs to be silenced?
You, on self: That seems a little silly to me. You growl at yourself. Boy, do you feel bitter! Why bother? You kiss your own hand. You try to give yourself a high five. What ARE you thinking? You hug yourself. You realize you are loud and obnoxious and try to silence yourself.
Everyone sees: $n growls at $mself. This could get interesting… $n kisses $s own hand. $n tries to high five $mself, but ends up looking foolish instead. $n hugs $mself in a vain attempt to get friendship. $n covers $s mouth in an attempt to silence $mself.
Name: innocent kiss kneel laugh lick liver massage mischievous mutter nod
You, if no victim: You innocently whistle a tune. Isn’t there someone you want to kiss? Who do you want to kneel to? You fall down laughing. You lick your mouth and smile. You look angrily for someone to disembowel. Massage what? Thin air? You give a mischievous smile at the trouble you have in mind. You mutter quietly to yourself. You nod.
Everyone sees: $n looks around and whistles innocently. $n falls down laughing. $n licks $s mouth and smiles. $n angrily for someone to disembowel. $n grins mischievously at a nasty idea. $n mutters something quietly to $mself. $n nods.
You, if victim: You look at $N and bat your eyelashes — the picture of innocence! You kiss $M. You kneel before $M. You laugh at $N mercilessly. You lick $N’s jawline delicately. You rip out $S liver and eat it. You gently massage $N’s shoulders. You grin mischievously at $M, thinking an evil thought. You mutter something to $N. You nod at $N.
Everyone except victim: $n bats $s eyelashes innocently at $N. $n kisses $N. $n kneels respectfully before $N. $n laughs at $N mercilessly. $n licks $N’s jawline delicately. $n rips out $N’s liver and eats it. $n massages $N’s shoulders. $n grins mischievously at $N. $m must be thinking something evil. $n looks at $N and mutters something nasty under $s breath. $n nods at $N.
Victim sees: $n looks at you and innocently bats $s eyelashes. $n kisses you. $n kneels respectfully before you. $n laughs at you mercilessly. Hmmmmph. $n licks your jawline delicately. $n rips out your liver and eats it. $n gently massages your shoulders – Ahhh-hhhh-hhh… $n grins mischievously at you. You inch toward the door. $n looks at you and mutters something nasty under $s breath. $n nods at you in agreement.
Return if victim isn’t found: Don’t even TRY — they’ve already left. Never around when required. That person isn’t here. You can’t find the butt of your joke. Lick away, nobody’s here with that name. The object of your wrath is absent. You can only massage someone in the same room as you. You must be delirious. There’s nothing left for you to say, they’ve left! Nod your head off — they aren’t here.
You, on self: All the lonely people 🙁 You try to kneel before yourself, and break both your knees. You laugh at yourself. I would, too. You lick your own eyebrows. You practice yoga as you try to massage yourself. You grin mischievously to yourself. You mutter quietly to yourself. You attempt to nod at yourself and get dizzy instead.
Everyone sees: $n tries foolishly to kneel before $mself. What a sight! $n laughs at $mself. Let’s all join in!!! $n licks $s own eyebrows. $n gives a show on yoga-positions, trying to massage $mself. $n grins mischievously to $mself. $n mutters something quietly to $mself. $n nods quietly to $mself. What a wacko.
Name: nudge nuzzle oil pant passout pat peck peer pinch piss
You, if no victim: Nudge whom? Nuzzle who?? Huh? You pant lustily. You belch and pass out. Pat who? Wouldn’t you like to do that to a person, or do you prefer air? You peer around yourself intently. You say, ‘A pinch of this, and a dab of that.’ You glare around. You are SOOOOO pissed!
Everyone sees: $n pants lustily. $n is OBVIOUSLY intoxicated… $e burps loudly and passes out! $n peers around $mself intently. $n says, ‘A pinch of this and a dab of that.’ $n glares around, looking mad as hell!
You, if victim: You nudge $M. You nuzzle $S neck softly. You drizzle some flavored hot oil on $N’s chest, and lick it off…slowly. You pant lustily at $M. You pat $N on $S head. Risking a slap to the face, you give $N a peck on the cheek. You peer intently at $N. You squeeze $S bottom and grin. You glare at $N, utterly pissed!
Everyone except victim: $n nudges $N. $n softly nuzzles $N’s neck. $n drizzles some flavored hot oil on $N’s chest, and licks it off…slowly. $n looks at $N and pants lustily. $n pats $N on $S head. $n smiles and gives $N a chaste peck on the cheek. $n peers intently at $N. $n pinches $N’s bottom and grins. $n glares at $N, looking mad enough to kill!
Victim sees: $n nudges you. $n softly nuzzles your neck. $n drizzles some flavored hot oil on your chest, and licks it off…slowly. $n looks at you and pants lustily… $n pats you on your head. $n pecks you on the cheek, how sweet! $n peers at you intently. $n pinches your bottom and grins. $n glares at you. You feel afraid for your life.
Return if victim isn’t found: Who? No.. they aren’t here.. That person isn’t here. Who, where, what? I guess you scared them away… They aren’t here. You’d like to, wouldn’t you? Who ya pissed at?
You, on self: You nudge yourself, for some strange reason. I’m sorry, friend, but that’s impossible. You pat yourself on your head, very reassuring. You must REALLY like yourself. You get a little cross-eyed with your attempts to stare yourself down. You pinch yourself to see if you are dreaming! You are SOOOOO pissed off at yourself!
Everyone sees: $n nudges $mself, to keep $mself awake. $n pats $mself on the head. $n tries in vain to wrap $s lips around $s cheeks. $n peers at $mself, crossing $s eyes in the process. $n pinches $mself to see if $e is dreaming! $n glares at $mself, looking very angry!
Name: plead point poke polite ponder pout powertrip puke punch ramble
You, if no victim: You beg and plead to anyone who will listen. You point in every direction. Poke who?? You give a polite little chuckle. You ponder the question. Ah, don’t take it so hard. You scream ‘The PPppp-pPOOO-OoooW-WWwww-ErrRRR!’ and writhe. You puke…chunks everywhere!!! YUK! Punch whom? You ramble on and on.
Everyone sees: $n pleads $s case to anyone who will listen… You ALMOST feel sorry for $s. $n points excitedly! $n sticks $s fingers out. $n gives a polite little chuckle. $n sits down and thinks deeply. $n pouts. $n writhes, screaming ‘The PPppp-pPOOO-OoooW-WWwww-ErrRRR!’ $n pukes. $n rambles on about a boring exploit.
You, if victim: You point at $N. You poke $M in the ribs. You indicate your under-appreciation of $S joke. You puke on $M. You punch $M playfully. You ramble on to $N about your past adventures.
Everyone except victim: $n points excitedly at $N! $n pokes $N in the ribs. $n gives a polite little chuckle to $N’s joke. $n pukes on $N. $n punches $N playfully. $n blathers on and on to $N about something.
Victim sees: $n points at you. How rude! $n pokes you in the ribs. $n gives a polite but unappreciative chuckle to your joke. $n spews vomit and pukes all over your clothing! $n punches you playfully. OUCH! $n tells you a rather boring tale, you feign interest.
Return if victim isn’t found: You point at no one in particular. You can’t poke someone who’s not here!. You can’t find a friend to chuckle with. Once again? You can’t find your boxing partner. ??EH??
You, on self: You point at yourself, obviously very confused. You poke yourself in the ribs, feeling very silly. You chuckle at your own joke, since no one else would. You puke on yourself. You punch yourself. You deserve it.
Everyone sees: $n points at $mself, obviously very confused. $n pokes $mself in the ribs, looking very sheepish. $n chuckles at $s own joke, since none of you would. $n pukes on $s clothes. $n punches $mself. Why don’t you join in?
Name: raspberry rofl roll rose rub ruffle run salute scratch scream
You, if no victim: You stick your tongue out at … well, no one. You roll on the floor, laughing hysterically. You roll your eyes in disgust. Who would you like to give it to? You rub your hands together in greedy anticipation. You’ve got to ruffle SOMEONE. You run away in terror and horror! You stand at attention, and give a brisk salute. You scratch yourself on the head… confused. ARRRR-RRRRR-RGH!!!!!
Everyone sees: $n sticks $s tongue out, catching a few flies in the process. $n falls to the ground and rolls around laughing hysterically. $n rolls $s eyes, disgusted. $n rubs $s hands together in greedy anticipation. $n runs away in utter terror! $n stands at attention and gives a brisk salute. $n scratches $s head, looking very confused. $n screams loudly!
You, if victim: You give $N the raspberry… and spit all over yourself. You fall to the floor laughing at $N’s remark. You look at $N and roll your eyes in disgust. You give $M a pretty rose. You give $N a nice, long, kinky rubdown. You ruffle $N’s hair playfully. You run away from $N in complete terror! You raise your hand in salute to $N. ARRRR-RRRRR-RGH!!!!! Yes, it MUST have been $S fault!!!
Everyone except victim: $n gives $N the raspberry… PHBT! What a mess… Spit EVERYWHERE! $n rolls on the floor laughing at $N’s antics! $n rolls $s eyes in disgust at $N. $n hands $N a beautiful rose. $n gives $N a nice long rubdown. $n ruffles $N’s hair playfully. $n runs away from $N in utter terror and horror! $n proffers a brisk salute to $N. $n screams loudly at $N. Better leave before $n blames you, too!!!
Victim sees: You are splattered with saliva as $n gives you the raspberry… HOW RUDE! $n rolls on the floor laughing at your antics! $n rolls $s eyes at you. $n hands you a beautiful —‘—,–{@ $n gives you a rubdown, running $s hands over your tense shoulders… Mmmm… $n ruffles your hair playfully. $n runs from you, fearing for $s life! $n stands at attention and gives you a brisk salute. $n screams at you! That’s not nice! *sniff*
Return if victim isn’t found: Hang your tongue out if you like, $e isn’t here. You should be disgusted with yourself because you look so foolish. They seem to have left. Shame to waste those talented hands, but they’ve already left. Might be a bit difficult. No reason to be afraid, they aren’t here. Your lungs can’t reach that far!
You, on self: You try to stick your tongue out at yourself… somehow, it isn’t the same. At whom do you wish to roll your eyes? You give yourself a rose and feel a little sad… You rub yourself…lingering a little too long in some places. You ruffle your hair, wondering how far you can go before the rest think you’re crazy. Are you THAT ugly? You feel very silly as you salute yourself. Ego? You scream at yourself. Yes, that’s ONE way of relieving tension!
Everyone sees: $n gives $mself a rose, don’t you feel sorry for $m? $n rubs $mself…what a creep! $n ruffles $s hair – weirdo! $n looks in the mirror, sees $s face, and runs away terrified! $n salutes $mself. What an ego! $n screams loudly at $mself! Is there a full moon up?
Name: scuff serenade shake shiver shrug shudder sigh slap slobber smile
You, if no victim: You scuff your foot sheepishly. You raise your voice in a loud serenade to your invisible love. You shake your head. Brrrr-rrrrr. You shrug. You shudder at the horror and repress tears. You sigh. What is the sound of one hand slapping? You slobber down your front. You smile happily.
Everyone sees: $n scuffs $s foot in the dirt, looking very sheepish. $n raises $s voice to serenade the world. $n shakes $s head. $n shivers uncomfortably. $n shrugs helplessly. $n shudders at the horror and represses tears. $n sighs. $n slobbers all over $mself. $n smiles happily.
You, if victim: You scuff your foot, avoiding $N’s gaze. You raise your voice in a loving serenade to $N. You shake $S hand. You shiver at the thought of fighting $M. You shrug in response to $S question. You sigh as you think of $M. *thwock!* You slap $N ringingly. You slobber on $N. You smile at $M.
Everyone except victim: $n scuffs $s foot and shyly avoids $N’s gaze. $n raises $s voice in a loving serenade to $N. $n shakes $N’s hand. $n shivers at the thought of fighting $N. $n shrugs in response to $N’s question. $n sighs at the sight of $N. *thwock!* $n slaps $N! $n slobbers on $N Yuck $n beams a smile at $N.
Victim sees: $n scuffs $s foot and shyly avoids your gaze. $n serenades you, you are swept away by $s voice. $n shakes your hand. $n shivers at the suicidal thought of fighting you. $n shrugs in response to your question. $n sighs as $e thinks of you. Touching, huh? $n slaps you stingingly. $n slobbers disgustingly on you. $n smiles at you.
Return if victim isn’t found: They aren’t here. The one that you wish to serenade has left you to sing to yourself. Sorry good buddy, but that person doesn’t seem to be here. You don’t see any reason to shiver. You shrug to no one in particular. You really sigh, since you don’t see your friend. How about slapping someone in the same room as you ?? Slobber on WHOM? There’s no one by that name around.
You, on self: You sing a loud serenade to yourself. What type of person are you?! You are shaken by yourself. You shiver to yourself? You shrug to yourself. You sigh at yourself. You MUST be lonely. You slap yourself, silly you. You smile at yourself.
Everyone sees: $n serenades $mself. What an ego! $n shakes and quivers like a bowl full of jelly. $n scares $mself to shivers. $n shrugs to $mself. What a strange person. $n sighs at $mself. What a sorry sight. $n slaps $mself, really strange … $n smiles at $mself.
Name: smirk snap snarl sneeze snicker snore snort snuggle sob spit
You, if no victim: You smirk. DAMN! You snap your fingers. You grizzle your teeth and look mean. Gesundheit! You snicker softly. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. You snort derisively. Who? You sob quietly to yourself. You spit in utter disgust.
Everyone sees: $n smirks. $n snaps $s fingers. $n snarls angrily. $n sneezes. $n snickers softly. $n snores loudly. $n snorts derisively. $n sobs in misery. $n spits in utter disgust!
You, if victim: You smirk at $S saying. You snap back at $M. You snarl at $M. You snicker with $M about your shared secret. You snort derisively at $N. You snuggle $M. You sob quietly to yourself because $N has hurt your feelings so badly. You spit on $N…you’re gross!
Everyone except victim: $n smirks at $N’s saying. $n snaps back at $N. $n snarls at $N. $n snickers with $N about their shared secret. $n snorts derisively at $N. $n snuggles up to $N. $n sobs quietly to $mself because $N was a jerk! $n spits on $N.
Victim sees: $n smirks at your saying. $n snaps back at you! $n snarls at you, for some reason. $n snickers with you about your shared secret. $n snorts at you. $n snuggles up to you. You feel like a cad because you’ve made $n sob. $n spits on you — how gross!
Return if victim isn’t found: You want to smirk to whom? You must be very agitated. No need to snarl! Huh? Snort at whom? They aren’t here. Your victim isn’t here.
You, on self: You smirk at yourself. Okay….. You snap yourself to attention. You snarl at yourself. You snicker at your own evil thoughts. You snort derisively at yourself. You snuggle up, getting ready to sleep. You spit on yourself, pretty nasty eh?
Everyone sees: $n smirks at $s own ‘wisdom’. $n snaps $mself to attention. $n snarls at $mself. $n snickers at $s own evil thoughts. $n snorts derisively at $sself. $n snuggles up, getting ready to sleep. $n spits on $mself…what a sicko!
Name: squeal squeeze squirm stagger stare starve stretch strut sulk support
You, if no victim: You squeal with delight! Where, what, how, WHO ??? You squirm like the worm that you are. You stagger blindly around the room. You stare at the sky. You show your prominent ribs and hope that someone will take pity. You lean back and streeeeeettch your arms and legs. Strut your stuff. You sulk. You fully support the plan.
Everyone sees: $n lets out a sudden squeal of delight! $n squirms like a worm on a hook. $n staggers blindly around the room. $n stares at the sky. $n is withering before your eyes! Starvation! $n stretches luxuriously. Kinda makes you want to doesn’t it? $n struts proudly. $n sulks in the corner. $n fully supports the plan.
You, if victim: You look at $N and squeal with delight! You squeeze $M fondly. You squirm at $N, trying to wrap your tentacles around $M. You stagger toward $N as the room begins to spin. You stare dreamily at $N, completely lost in $S eyes.. You throw yourself upon $S mercy, begging for food. You strut to get $S attention. You hug $M supportively and smile.
Everyone except victim: $n squeals with delight at $N. $n squeezes $N fondly. $n squirms at $N, desperately trying to leech from $M. $n staggers into $N. $n stares dreamily at $N. $n begs $N for food. One would think that magic would have cured hunger by now… $n struts, hoping to get $N’s attention. $n hugs $N supportively and smiles.
Victim sees: $n looks at you and squeals with delight! $n squeezes you fondly. $n squirms toward you, reaching at you with $S tentacles. $n staggers blindly into you. $n stares dreamily at you, completely lost in your eyes. $n is starving before your eyes! Could you spare some food, please? $n struts, hoping to get your attention. $n hugs you supportively and smiles.
Return if victim isn’t found: Where, what, how, WHO ??? Stagger into whom!?!? You stare and stare but can’t see that person anywhere… Sorry, but that person isn’t around — looks like you’ll starve. You don’t see an audience. Sorry, friend, I can’t see that person here.
You, on self: You squeeze yourself – try to relax a little! You stare dreamily at yourself – enough narcissism for now. You strut to yourself, lost in your own world. You hug yourself sadly.
Everyone sees: $n squeezes $mself. $n stares dreamily at $mself – NARCISSIST! $n struts to $mself, lost in $s own world. $n hugs $mself sadly. Perhaps you could help?
Name: sweep swoon tackle tease thank thirst threaten tickle tight tip
You, if no victim: You look at your empty arms and sigh. You swoon. You’re going to tackle everyone in the room?! What a tease. SHEESH. Thank you too. You smack your dry, parched lips, hoping for hydration! You threaten everyone with your overwhelming presence. Whom do you want to tickle? You tip your hat gallantly.
Everyone sees: $n looks at $s empty arms and sighs. $n swoons in absolute ecstasy. $n looks around for someone to tease. $n smacks their dry lips, hoping for hydration. You feel threatened in the presence of the great $n. $n gallantly tips $s hat.
You, if victim: You sweep $M into your arms and kiss $M long and deeply. You look at $N and swoon in ecstasy. You tackle $N playfully. You tease $N in a playful way. You thank $N heartily. You beg $N for a drink from their waterskin. You stand tall as you threaten $N. You tickle $N. You hold $M tightly in your arms. You tip your hat to $N.
Everyone except victim: $n sweeps $N into $s arms and kisses $M long and deeply. $n looks at $N and swoons in ecstasy. $n playfully tackles $N. $n sticks $s tongue out at $N. $n thanks $N heartily. $n begs $N for a sip from their waterskin. $n threatens $N forcefully. $n tickles $N. $n holds $N tightly in $m arms. $n gallantly tips $s hat to $N.
Victim sees: $n sweeps you into $s arms and kisses you long and deeply. $n looks at you and swoons in ecstasy. $n brings you down in a playful tackle! $n sticks $s tongue out at you. $n thanks you heartily. $n begs you for a sip from your water skin. $n threatens you… oooooooh scary *laugh* $n tickles you – ho ho ho. $n holds you in $m arms. $n gallantly tips $s hat to you.
Return if victim isn’t found: The object of your kiss is absent. Who? Tease whom? No one answers to that name here. Are you that thirsty? Whom do you wish to intimidate? Who is that?? Sorry, friend, I can’t see that person here. But there is no one here to impress?!?!
You, on self: You tease yourself. NYAH NYAH NYAH. You thank yourself since nobody else wants to ! You hopelessly plead with yourself for some water. You tickle yourself, how funny!
Everyone sees: $n teases $mself. $n thanks $mself since you won’t. $n begs $mself for a drink of water…to no avail. $n tickles $mself.
Name: toast tweak twiddle twitch view voodoo wait wave whap whine
You, if no victim: You raise a glass of champagne in a toast. Tweak who? You patiently twiddle your thumbs. You twitch nervously. You sit back and watch the world go by. Bad juju like this has to be directed at a person. You wait patiently. You wave. Whap who? You whine to anyone who will listen to you.
Everyone sees: $n raises $s glass of champagne in a toast. $n patiently twiddles $s thumbs. $n twitches nervously. $n kicks back and enjoys the view. $n looks hostile for a moment. $n waits patiently. $n waves happily. $n whines pathetically to anyone who will listen.
You, if victim: You raise your glass of champagne to $S. You gently tweak $S cheek. Isn’t $E so CUTE? You twiddle $S ears. You twitch involuntarily at $N’s presence. You stare daggers at $N, jabbing pins into $S effigy. You wave goodbye to $N. You whap $N upside the head! You whine to $M, hoping desperately that at least $E will give a damn.
Everyone except victim: $n silently toasts $N. $n tweaked $N’s cheek… don’t they look so adorable together? $n twiddles $N’s ears. $N must really be getting to $n… $n glares balefully at $N while stabbing a pin into a voodoo doll. $n waves goodbye to $N. With a resounding WHAP!, $n reprimands $N. $n whines pathetically to $N.
Victim sees: $n silently toasts you. $n lovingly tweaks your cheek. It reminds you of Grandma… sniff… $n twiddles your ears. $n notices you and twitches. Your heart lurches in your chest, and fiery pain stabs through your skull! $n waves goodbye to you. Have a good journey. HEY! $n whaps you upside the head! $n whines pathetically to you. What a loser!
Return if victim isn’t found: Your object of praise is absent. *Sniff* That cheek seems to be missing. You don’t see the person here. Nervous? They aren’t even here. Your hatred finds no such target. They didn’t wait for you to wave goodbye. Whiff… They really don’t care.
You, on self: You grin evilly and toast yourself. You can’t DO that. You twiddle your ears like Dumbo. You stab a pin into your own voodoo doll! Agony! Are you going on adventures as well?? Ow! You give yourself a resounding whap upside the head. You whine to yourself, probably the only one who will listen.
Everyone sees: $n grins evilly and toasts $mself. $n twiddles $s own ears like Dumbo. $n jabs a pin into $s own voodoo doll, and twitches in agony! $n waves goodbye to $mself. Biff! $n whaps $mself upside the head! $n whines to $mself. At least $e isn’t bitching to YOU.
Name: whistle wince wink wonder worry worship wrestle yae yawn yodel
You, if no victim: You whistle appreciatively. You wince in agony. Have you got something in your eye? You wonder about how things could have been. You worry about what’s going to happen. You prostrate yourself and worship the gods! You sigh, burdened with yet another eeeediot. You must be tired. You think of Julie Andrews and start to yodel.
Everyone sees: $n whistles appreciatively. $n winces in agony. $n winks suggestively. $n gets a blank stare on $s face. What could $e be wondering about? A troubled look suddenly crosses $n’s face. Wonder what’s wrong? $n prostrates $mself and worships the gods! $n sighs, burdened with yet another eeeeediot. $n yawns. $n begins to yodel: HEY!! CLERICS!! I COULD USE A HEAL!!!
You, if victim: You whistle at the sight of $M. You look at $N and wince at $S remark. You wink suggestively at $N. You look at $N and wonder what will happen. You look at $N worriedly. You fall on your knees and worship $N. You wrestle $M to the floor and pin $M there. You sigh at $N, burdened with yet another eeediot. $N covers $S ears as you begin to yodel.
Everyone except victim: $n whistles at the sight of $N. $n winces at $N’s remark. $n winks at $N. $n looks at $N and wonders…. $n looks at $N with a troubled gaze. $n falls on $s knees and worships $N. $n wrestles $N to the floor, pinning $M there. $n sighs at $N, clearly not impressed with their intelligence. $n yodels to $N.
Victim sees: $n whistles at the sight of you. $n winces at your remark. $n winks suggestively at you. $n looks at you quizzically. $n looks at you worriedly. $n falls to the ground and worships you. $n wrestles you to the floor and pins you. $n sighs at you, clearly not impressed with your intellect. $n yodels to you…you cringe and turn away.
Return if victim isn’t found: You don’t see nothing special to whistle at. No one with that name is present. You wonder what would have happened had they been here. Well they obviously aren’t worried — they left! You can’t worship someone who isn’t here. Sorry, friend, I can’t see that person here. Who feels stupid now? That person just escaped!
You, on self: You whistle a little tune to yourself. You wink at yourself ?? – what are you up to? You wonder about yourself and your purpose here. You worry about what’s going to happen. You worship yourself. You wrestle with your conscience. You look at yourself cross-eyed, and feel very stupid. Well, it’s up to you if you want to damage your hearing.
Everyone sees: $n whistles a little tune to $mself. $n winks at $mself – something strange is going on… A blank stare crosses $n’s face. What could $e be wondering about? A troubled look suddenly crosses $n’s face. Wonder what’s wrong? $n worships $mself. $n wrestles with $m conscience. $n sighs at $mself, and looks very, very stupid. $n yodels to $mself. What a sado-masochist.

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