Forsaken Mud


From HELP IMMORTAL in game:

  • Elisus is overseen by a group of beings who have been elevated from the masses. From their lofty perch among the heavens they watch down over their flock, delivering unto them both woe and weal. If you feel that you are plagued with a matter that requires divine intervention, ‘pray’ your concern to the heavens above, and if your problem is judged worthy, you will be granted audience.
  • Be warned however… beseeching the heavens for paltry matters will bring the wrath of the offended God upon your head. Should you require to scribe a scroll to all of the Immortals in general, simply scribe a ‘note to immortal’ and a messenger will speed your correspondence away. A similar warning to the misuse of ‘pray’ is given.
  • You can also contact the Immortals on the forums by going to this page.



Nigmuth (Head of Coder)
Sidr (Head of Staff)
Devortrix (Head Builder)

Lesser Beings:





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