Forsaken Mud

Damage Analysis


Damage Verbs
Damage Nouns
Battle Condition
Report Condition

Damage Verbs

Verb Low High Average
miss(es) 0 0 0
scratch(es) 1 4 2.5
graze(s) 5 8 6.5
hit(s) 9 12 10.5
injure(s) 13 16 14.5
wound(s) 17 20 18.5
maul(s) 21 24 22.5
decimate(s) 25 28 26.5
devastate(s) 29 32 30.5
maim(s) 33 36 34.5
MUTILATE(S) 37 42 39.5
LACERATE(S) 43 52 47.5
DISMEMBER(S) 53 65 59
MASSACRE(S) 66 80 73
MANGLE(S) 81 100 90.5
*** DEMOLISH(ES) *** 101 130 115.5
*** OBLITERATE(S) *** 131 175 153
=== DISINTEGRATE(S) === 176 250 213
>>> ANNIHILATE(S) <<< 251 325 288
<<< ERADICATE(S) >>> 326 400 363
do(does) UNSPEAKABLE things to 401 +

Damage Nouns

Alphabetized by Noun. Alphabetized by Type.
Noun Type Notes Noun Type Notes
acid tip ACID digestion ACID
acidic bite ACID acidic bite ACID
acidic cut ACID slime ACID
agony NEGATIVE acid tip ACID
air blast AIR acidic cut ACID
angelic purr HOLY telekinesis AIR Psi
arrows PIERCE air blast AIR
back fist BASH Monk howling melody AIR
barbed tip PIERCE blast BASH
beating BASH pound BASH
bite PIERCE crush BASH
bladed SLASH suction BASH
blast BASH beating BASH
blight NEGATIVE charge BASH
blunt tip BASH slap BASH
cacophonous turmoil SOUND punch BASH
catapults FIRE peck BASH
charge BASH smash BASH
charged tip LIGHTNING thwack BASH
chill COLD back fist BASH Monk
chilling wind COLD palm strike BASH Monk
chomp PIERCE tiger claw BASH Monk
chop SLASH dragon claw BASH Monk
claw SLASH jump kick BASH Monk
cleave SLASH roundhouse kick BASH Monk
corruption NEGATIVE defense BASH Bastions
crush BASH mounted charge BASH
cryokinesis COLD Psi blunt tip BASH
defense BASH Bastions tentacle BASH
depressing melody NEGATIVE thrust BASH
digestion ACID wallop BASH
disease DISEASE whack BASH
disruption ENERGY freezing bite COLD
dissonance SOUND chill COLD
divine power HOLY cryokinesis COLD Psi
dragon claw BASH Monk freezing COLD
draining horn ENERGY icefire COLD
drowning DROWNING icy tip COLD
elbow slash SLASH Monk chilling wind COLD
electrokinesis LIGHTNING Psi disease DISEASE
electronic thrum LIGHTNING hydrokinesis DROWNING Psi
explosive projectiles PIERCE torrent DROWNING
faith HOLY typhoon DROWNING
fiery thwack FIRE drowning DROWNING
fiery tip FIRE spray DROWNING
flame FIRE watery slash DROWNING
flaming bite FIRE magic ENERGY
frantic string SOUND tainted slash ENERGY
freezing COLD disruption ENERGY
freezing bite COLD orbs of chaos ENERGY
fury SLASH draining horn ENERGY
gaze MENTAL uncanny muse ENERGY
grep SLASH flaming bite FIRE
howling melody AIR flame FIRE
hunger OTHER pyrokinesis FIRE Psi
hydrokinesis DROWNING Psi steam FIRE
icefire COLD catapults FIRE
icy tip COLD fiery tip FIRE
illusionary spectre MENTAL fiery thwack FIRE
jab PIERCE Monk wrath HOLY
jump kick BASH Monk divine power HOLY
kiss of death NEGATIVE planar rift HOLY
knee thrust PIERCE Monk faith HOLY
life drain NEGATIVE angelic purr HOLY
magic ENERGY rays LIGHT
mass attack SLASH photokinesis LIGHT Psi
melodic trance SOUND reflective light LIGHT
mounted charge BASH shocking bite LIGHTNING
numbing buzz MENTAL shock LIGHTNING
orbs of chaos ENERGY electrokinesis LIGHTNING Psi
pain NEGATIVE charged tip LIGHTNING
palm strike BASH Monk electronic thrum LIGHTNING
peck PIERCE phantasmal griffon MENTAL
peck BASH illusionary spectre MENTAL
phantasmal griffon MENTAL phantom dragon MENTAL
phantom dragon MENTAL phantom dragon’s claw MENTAL
phantom dragon’s breath MENTAL phantom dragon’s tail MENTAL
phantom dragon’s claw MENTAL phantom dragon’s breath MENTAL
phantom dragon’s tail MENTAL gaze MENTAL
photokinesis LIGHT Psi numbing buzz MENTAL
pierce PIERCE life drain NEGATIVE
pierce kick PIERCE Monk kiss of death NEGATIVE
piercing note SOUND pain NEGATIVE
planar rift HOLY corruption NEGATIVE
poison darts POISON agony NEGATIVE
poisoned bite POISON skeletal drain NEGATIVE
pound BASH touch NEGATIVE
punch BASH blight NEGATIVE
pyrokinesis FIRE Psi depressing melody NEGATIVE
raucous SOUND hunger OTHER
rays LIGHT thirst OTHER
reflective light LIGHT stab PIERCE
roundhouse kick BASH Monk bite PIERCE
scratch PIERCE pierce PIERCE
scratching nails SOUND scratch PIERCE
shocking bite LIGHTNING sting PIERCE
side step PIERCE chomp PIERCE
skeletal drain NEGATIVE thrust PIERCE
slap BASH side step PIERCE
slash SLASH jab PIERCE Monk
slice SLASH knee thrust PIERCE Monk
slime ACID pierce kick PIERCE Monk
smash BASH tail PIERCE
spear charge PIERCE thorns PIERCE
spin kick SLASH Monk arrows PIERCE
spray DROWNING spear charge PIERCE
stab PIERCE explosive projectiles PIERCE
steam FIRE barbed tip PIERCE
sting PIERCE poisoned bite POISON
suction BASH poison darts POISON
tail PIERCE toxic thrash POISON
tainted slash ENERGY slice SLASH
telekinesis AIR Psi slash SLASH
tentacle BASH whip SLASH
thirst OTHER claw SLASH
thorns PIERCE grep SLASH
thrust PIERCE cleave SLASH
thrust BASH chop SLASH
thwack BASH elbow slash SLASH Monk
tiger claw BASH Monk spin kick SLASH Monk
torrent DROWNING whirlwind kick SLASH Monk
touch NEGATIVE mass attack SLASH
toxic thrash POISON fury SLASH
trumpeting SOUND bladed SLASH
typhoon DROWNING piercing note SOUND
uncanny muse ENERGY frantic string SOUND
wallop BASH cacophonous turmoil SOUND
watery slash DROWNING trumpeting SOUND
whack BASH scratching nails SOUND
whip SLASH melodic trance SOUND
whirlwind kick SLASH Monk raucous SOUND
wrath HOLY dissonance SOUND

Battle Condition

Percentage Condition
100 + … is in excellent condition.
90-99 … has a few scratches.
75-89 … has some small wounds and bruises.
50-74 … has quite a few wounds.
30-49 … has some big nasty wounds and scratches.
15-29 … looks pretty hurt.
0-14 … is in awful condition.
< 0 … is bleeding to death.

Report Condition

[Character] says, ‘[HP] while [Mana].’
Percentage HP Mana
100 + I am in excellent health my mind is perfectly clear
91-99 I have few scratches my mind is clear
76-90 I have small wounds my mind is clouded
51-75 I’m seriously hurt my mind is strained
31-50 I have terrible wounds my mind suffers
16-30 I’m hurt badly I can barely think
< 15 Death is upon me I cannot even concentrate

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