Forsaken Mud

Creation of Elisus

At first, there was nothing, or so they say—an endless void of emptiness. One could not even call it chaotic, for there was indeed nothing to also compare “it” to. There was none to witness the beginning, immortal or otherwise. The spark of existence that began the pattern of events that would lead to what is now. The duality of mortal and immortal. By all reckoning simply began. For the sake of history, what was not, just was—a disturbance in the void, a source of energy, life.

Beings roamed the void then, some created, others destroyed. Worlds were formed and shaped by careful hands. As this energy, this life was shaped into something tangible. Becoming what we now know as the mortal planes of existence, and from each plane, power was drawn. These realms were numerous. Some were small and forgettable. Others grand beyond reproach, shining jewels strewn across the emptiness. Each cared for and wrought from nothing by these celestial beings. And equally shattered by them as they fought to control them and draw from their focused power.

Things roamed in the most remote reaches of the void—dark, senseless beings, hungry in their infancy. Mindless and with a singular purpose, they consumed. Tearing apart these crafted creations. Drinking of the wells of power they had become. The more a realm shined in the void, the more rapidly they were torn asunder. The domains all began to fade as they were consumed, the brightest first and the rest like scraps of meat doomed to be devoured by ravenous hunger.

Fractured lands soon drifted across the endless space. Pieces like smoldering embers, wasted, lost. Their only saving grace was being dim enough to escape the attention of those that would consume them, for now. Something, however, did take notice. Something new, unlike those who sought to craft these fractured lands. Gradually it drew these broken remnants together. Binding these lost planes in a way never seen before. These fractured pieces of reality slowly coalesced and became what we know now as Elisus.

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