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Classes and Titles in Elisus

Click on the class name for more information and to view their skill lists.
Classes in italics cannot be rolled normally. View that class’ page for more details.

Melee Classes Warrior [t] Monk [t] Berserker [t] Ranger [t] Blademaster [t] Ninja [t] Thief [t] Crusader
Caster/Communer Classes Battlemage [t] Invoker [t] Cleric [t] Healer [t] Shaman [t] Necromancer [t] Psionicist Lich
Hybrid Classes Dark-Knight [t] Druid [t] Paladin [t] Bard [t] Adventurer [t] Vampire

Class Experience Penalties

Class Penalty Description
Adventurer 0 Designed for the New Player
Bard 0 Jacks of All Trades
Berserker 25 Warriors of Rage
Healer 50 Priests of Healing
Thief 75 Rogues of Guile
Monk 100 Disciples of the Martial Arts
Druid 125 Priests of Nature
Ninja 150 Masters of Stealth
Paladin 175 Warriors of Good
Dark-Knight 200 Warriors of Evil
Warrior 225 Masters of Heavy Combat
Cleric 250 Disciples of the Deities
Necromancer 275 Mages of the Undead
Ranger 300 Warriors of Nature
Battlemage 325 Mages of the Blade
Invoker 350 Mages of the Elements
Shaman 375 Prophets of Suffering
Blademaster 400 Disciples of the Blade
Crusader 475 Armored Warriors of Faith
Lich 450 Cadaverous Spellcasters
Psionicist 425 Mages of the Mind
Vampire 525 Masters of the Night

Experience penalties of race and class combinations can be viewed here.

Special Skills and Spells

Skill or Spell Sex Race Level Align
Fury Both Feral 35 Neutral, Evil
Spider Summoning Female Drow 30 Evil
Boulder Throw Both Stone 42 Neutral
Cone of Force Neuter Illithid 1 Evil
Leech Neuter Illithid 1 Evil
Chameleon Both Slith 42 Good
Swallow Both Slith 1 Neutral
Spit Venom Both Slith 1 Neutral
Second Eyelid (Auto) Both Slith 1 Evil
Transform Both Werebeast 15 Neutral
Werepower Both Werebeast 42 Neutral
Probe Both Werebeast 1 Neutral

Primary Attributes

The primary attribute of each class. Humans gain an additional point to their primary attribute.

Primary Stat Bar Ber Hea Thi Mon Dru Nin Pal Dkn War Cle Nec Ran Bmg Inv Sha Bla Adv
Strength x x x x x x x
Intelligence x x x
Wisdom x x x x
Dexterity x x x x

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