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What is a Cabal

A Cabal is an organization of elite individuals which has a specific goal, agenda and exotic powers granted to them by the Immortals. They offer a chance for deeper, more advanced role-play, new friends, opportunity to ascend in cabal ranks and gain respect, power, and loyalty of their members. The Cabals of Aabahran are for the most part, player controlled, from inducting new members, to forming alliances or declaring vendettas against other cabals. Your chances for induction and future possibilities in them, are dictated solely by your relationship with its members and their opinion of you.

Each Cabal fathers a clan whose ideals are identical of the formal Cabal. It is from this clan that the members of the cabal are recruited. Aspiring members join the clans and are selected from the pool by their individual worth, which is reflected in Clan Points (CPs). The members of the cabal are expected to maintain close ties with their fledgling clan.

How to Apply

In order to apply to a Cabal of your choice, first use the “help cabals” and “help <cabal name>” commands to check the general theme, and entrance requirements and make sure you are allowed to join. When you feel ready, you must then find the Cabal’s clan HQ. Based mostly within the confines of the three great city-states, their locations are considered secret and not to be divulged. Part of the application process is locating these clans by yourself.

Once you have located the Clan HQ, a processing fee of 30,000 gold pieces is needed to induct you into the Clan. The clan acts as a recruitment pool for the actual cabals, which watch over the members and groom prospective inductees for their aspired position.

During their apprenticeship in the clan, each member has the chance to earn clan points by completing various tasks, as well as for excelling in roleplaying. They can also lose Clan Points for failing to display the proper effort. Clan Points are a measurement of that member’s potential worth to the cabal, and inductees are selected according to how many Clan Points they possess. If you wish to graduate from the clan and become a full member of the cabal, you will need to excel above and beyond your clanmates.

Once you have been selected for induction by the cabal’s Immortal leader, you will need to compose a well written, formatted application addressed to the cabal name. The application subject MUST INCLUDE words “cabal application” or it will not be considered. The members of that cabal will then vote on your application, and if successful, you will be inducted into the organization at the rank of Inductee(0).

The Cabals

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