Forsaken Mud

Adventurer Titles

Adventurer skills

Level Male Female
1 Lost Lost
2 Greenhorn Greenhorn
3 Rookie Rookie
4 Beginner Beginner
5 Amateur Amateur
6 Recruit Recruit
7 Novice Novice
8 Sightseer Sightseer
9 Spelunker Spelunker
10 Traveler Traveler
11 Voyager Voyager
12 Pioneer Pioneer
13 Trailblazer Trailblazer
14 Explorer Explorer
15 Adventurer Adventurer
16 Seeker of Ornaments Seeker of Ornaments
17 Seeker of Trinkets Seeker of Trinkets
18 Seeker of Antiques Seeker of Antiques
19 Seeker of Artifacts Seeker of Artifacts
20 Seeker of Relics Seeker of Relics
21 Seeker of Wealth Seeker of Wealth
22 Seeker of Fortune Seeker of Fortune
23 Seeker of Fame Seeker of Fame
24 Seeker of Truth Seeker of Truth
25 Seeker of Glory Seeker of Glory
26 Looter of Tombs Looter of Tombs
27 Slayer of Monsters Slayer of Monsters
28 Master Explorer Master Explorer
29 Relic Hunter Relic Hunter
30 Questor Extraordinaire Questor Extraordinaire



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