Forsaken Mud



Human, Elf, Drow, Duergar, Halfling, Gnome, Avian, Slith, Feral, Half-Elf, Half-Drow and Faerie.


Members of thieves guild walk about unseen to others, their weapons hidden in concealed sheathes as they hide in shadows of cities. The paths of their life are many; there are those whom only live for the thrill of yet another robbery, striking their victims unconscious only to rob them blind. Others live for mischief and pry priceless items from the body of their victim, only to replace it with a worthless counterfeit replica. And there are those in the guild hall whom disguise themselves as members of other professions only to use the deadly abilities of backstab and circle stab to bloody their weapons in the backs of those who believed they were safe in their guild halls.

Whatever their path in life, as the thieves rise in power and experience, many turn to more devious ways of surprising their victims creating intricate traps set about on paths, chests and other location to snare their prey. An aspiring thief may chose a number of traps to learn from various types such as booby traps or mechanism thus customizing their own devious style.

Striking from shadows with deadly daggers, or lying patiently in wait for prey to spring a trap, a skilled thief on the prowl is matched by few in arts of surprise and guile.


Thief Titles

Level Skills Spells
1 dagger mace
spear sword
backstab dodge
haggle hide
peek scrolls
recall preserve1
2 defuse
3 dirt kicking
4 sneak
5 steal
7 parry pick lock
10 detect hidden circle
12 disarm second attack
14 kick
15 hand to hand trip
16 fast healing
17 throw edge craft
18 lore
20 blackjack gag
21 pry
22 dual wield
23 enhanced damage pilfer
25 third attack disguise
30 dual backstab
32 counterfeit
35 envenom
36 plant
37 doublesheath
38 cutpurse
40 traps
43 [booby traps]
46 [magic traps]
50 [mechanisms]

1The skill preserve is hidden, it will not show up on your skill list.

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