Forsaken Mud



Human, Elf, Halfling, Gnome, Stone, Feral, Werebeast, Half-Elf and Ogre.


Rangers are the men and women who dedicated their life to study of the land outside the cities. They are often trackers and hunters who offer their skills to those who are less skilled in outdoor environments leading exploring parties deep into wilds of the land.

Capable of blending in with their surroundings and moving silently through forest, they have also been known to call forest creatures to their aid. As they rise in ranks, rangers are capable of focusing on a particular path in their skills learning unique ability to excel in ranged combat, tracking, or beast mastery. Later in their career they may specialize in weapon expertise of two different types of weapons.

Human and Werebeast rangers of exceptional dedication to the cause of nature may choose to joins the ranks of the Druid. Those who are interested must be of the 30th rank, and upon reaching it, must inquire at the Druid’s Guild.


Ranger Titles

Level Skills Spells
1 axe dagger
flail spear
sword whip
parry staves
recall staff
4 camouflage
5 dirt kicking keen sight
6 fast healing
7 scout
8 kick second attack
9 shield block butcher
10 herb ambush
11 disarm
12 blind fighting quiet movement
13 enhanced damage
14 hand to hand two handed
15 haggle barkskin thunder storm
16 meditation fired weapons
17 dodge tame
18 lore dual wield
19 control weather
20 warcry
23 beast call
25 third attack [ranger path]
27 pugil
28 dual parry
30 ranger staff [forest lore]
35 mind link [forest lore]
38 insect swarm
40 [forest lore]
43 [weapon expertise]
45 [ranger lore]
50 [weapon expertise]

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