Forsaken Mud



Human, Dwarf, Elf and Half-Elf.


Paladins are the embodiment of goodness. They are holy warriors who are empowered by the gods of Light to bring forth goodness throughout the realm. They are noted for their chivalry, the characteristics of kindness, generosity, mercy, and honor. Paladins are able to learn an array of weapon styles as well as defensive skills to aid them in combat and are given ability to bring down their gods wrath upon their enemies. Endowed with healing powers near those of the clerics to grant help to the needy, Paladins are capable of both powerful offense and defense.


Paladin Titles

Level Skills Spells
1 mace polearm cure light
shield block sword detect evil
rescue scrolls
staves recall
staff two handed
2 armor
3 create food
4 enhanced damage create water
know alignment
6 parry second attack bless
7 hand to hand fast healing
8 detect invis
10 disarm cure serious
11 detect traps
12 shield disarm
14 meditation
15 detect evil
16 cure blindness
17 third attack
18 remove curse
19 lore cure critical
20 lay on hands charge wrath
21 summon
22 dual wield
23 cure disease
24 dodge
25 turn undead
26 cure poison
27 sanctuary
29 virtuous light
32 goliath
35 stake
38 trance
40 heroism holy word
42 counter magic strike
45 mounted

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