Forsaken Mud



Human, Drow, Avian, Half-Drow and Illithid.


Necromancers are dark mages who have devoted their studies to the properties of the undead. They draw negative energy from the deceased and use it to their goal. From their studies, they have learned to animate corpses and control it as his slave. They are also able to fashion golems from the material they have to do them services. At the height of a necromancer’s powers, he is able to disintegrate another with a simple point of a finger.


Necromancer Titles

Level Skills Spells
1 dagger whip chill touch
scrolls staves
wands recall
2 detect magic
3 detect invis
4 invisibility
5 meditation armor
detect good
comprehend languages
6 faerie fire
7 parry
8 haggle
9 infravision
10 curse
11 weaken
12 blindness
know alignment
13 teleport
14 trance dispel magic
15 fast healing identify
locate object
16 protective shield
17 faerie fog
18 cancellation
19 energy drain
curse weapon
20 hand to hand plague
flesh golem
22 mass invis
23 soul capture
24 pass door
25 [necromancy path] vampiric touch
hold undead
26 second attack
27 summon
28 unholy call acid blast
animate minion
30 shatter
31 word of recall
chorus of anguish
33 stone golem
35 [golem expertise]
40 entomb [powerword lore]
45 [necromancy lore] [animate lore] ghoul touch
50 [necromancy mastery] soul tap

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