Forsaken Mud



Human, Half-Elf and Half-Drow.


Monks are ascetics who learn their skills at a monastery instead of a guild. Monks must practice rigorous mental and physical training and discipline to achieve their powers. Although they perform incredible physical and mental feats, they cannot cast spells. They receive their powers through heavy meditation. Monks are guardians of knowledge and are also masters of unarmed combat. Most monks shun weapons as the last resort of the weak. Because monks rely on their quickness, they can not wear heavy clothing. Also, due to their exstensive training monks excel beyond most mortals in their skill in hand to hand fighting, surpassing normal boundries. Monks are also able to stay the killing blow to their opponent, instead granting them mercy.


Monk Titles

Level Skills Spells
1 dagger polearm
spear sword
whip dodge
hand to hand scrolls
staves recall
staff anatomy
2 beads
4 martial arts b
5 dirt kicking
6 kick
7 aura
8 fast healing
9 first parry
10 meditation
11 disarm kickboxing b
12 chii
13 lore
14 sneak crane stance
15 trip
16 second parry
17 martial arts a
18 blind fighting
19 shield disarm
20 horse stance
21 double kick
22 healing
23 tiger stance balance
24 kickboxing a
25 sense motion
26 preying mantis
27 chii bolt
28 air thrash
30 drunken stance
32 catalepsy
34 counter
37 monkey stance
42 buddha stance
45 dragon stance

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