Forsaken Mud



Human, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Storm and Half-Elf.


Healer is a profession who devotes their whole life to the protection of life. They avoid violence, with the exception of their well known crusades against the forces of the undead. Due to their devotion, they receive incredible powers from their gods to heal and protect themselves, as well as those around them. Healers gain experience through healing and curing others of their ailments. Their powers of healing extend to such a degree that only they, of all classes, have the ability to reverse all effects of death upon a character, including loss of experience and constitution through the spell of resurrection. Furthermore, the mere presence of a Healer in a group lends safety, as they will automatically attempt to save any group member from death, by pushing them out of the area, and bravely stopping the deathblow with their own flesh. Also, unlike shamans, they get access to the clerical spell of Divine Intervention.

A good cleric can choose the path of the healer once he/she has achieved the 25th rank all the way until the 30th rank. When the time comes, simply go to the nearest healer guild and attempt to convert (by using the command: convert <character name>). High level healers who fail to role-play properly may be outcasted.

Those spells and skill shared with the Cleric class will carry over. All others are lost.


Healer Titles

Level Skills Spells
1 flail mace armor
whip scrolls
staves wands
recall staff
2 cure serious
3 create water
cure blindness
4 continual light
detect evil
5 create food
6 meditation detect magic
7 bless
faerie fire
8 detect invis
9 cure critical
know alignment
11 detect traps
12 fast healing summon
comprehend languages
13 cure disease
14 cure poison
remove curse
15 trance locate object
16 calm
17 create spring
18 haggle fly
protective shield
20 sanctuary
21 shield block faerie fog
23 infravision
24 dispel magic
25 hand to hand gate
26 second attack cancellation
27 parry word of recall
28 turn undead
29 pass door
30 curse
31 dispel evil
dispel undead
33 accession
34 stone skin
35 stake vitalize
restore faith
36 divine retribution
37 group recall
38 mass healing
39 sacrifice
40 healer staff barrier
42 invigorate
45 holy water
48 esuna
50 spirit shield
divine intervention

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