Forsaken Mud



Human, Drow, Duergar, Half-Drow and Avian.


Dark-Knights are the embodiment of evil. They seek to spread pain and suffering to all, as well as reaping in the gains from a world that they have weakened. They have devoted their lives to the study of dark magic as well as physical combat, making them a formidable opponent to all.


Dark-Knight Titles

Level Skills Spells
1 axe dagger magic missile
flail mace
polearm shield block
spear sword
whip scrolls
wands recall
two handed
3 dirt kicking chill touch
5 enhanced damage detect good
6 parry cure light
7 second attack fast healing
8 haggle curse
9 kick invisibility
10 detect invis
11 disarm
13 lightning bolt
14 hand to hand
15 bash trip veil of darkness
16 shield disarm energy drain
17 dual wield
18 third attack
20 lore
21 summon
22 silence
23 dodge teleport
25 cleave dispel good
unholy strength
27 fireball
29 harm
30 extort
38 charm person
harden defense
43 malform weapon
45 soul transfer
47 magic strike

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