Forsaken Mud



Human, Elf, Drow, Dwarf, Duergar, Halfling, Fire, Storm, Feral, Half-Elf and Half-Drow.


The paths of the cleric are many. Some become healers and devote their life to preserving peace and harmony within the realms. Some become tainted and use their communing gifts to destroy that same harmony. This is a class strongly divided between good and evil, and there is no in between. Those clerics who follow the light may eventually decide to dedicate themselves solely to the healer mentality later on in life. On the other side, those who traverse the path of darkness may one day choose to follow the path of the shaman.

Whatever path you choose, remember one thing. Clerics are the servants of the Gods, and that is where their powers stem from. Thus they, more than others, are constantly being watched. To stray from one’s path is to stray from one’s God… and the punishment for doing such cannot even be described in words. When your experience has grown sufficiently the appropriate option will be offered to you. May your choice be the right one.


Cleric Titles

Level Skills Spells
1 flail mace armor
whip scrolls cause light
staves wands
recall staff
2 cure serious
comprehend languages
3 create water
cure blindness
4 continual light
detect evil
detect good
5 create food
6 meditation detect magic
giant strength
7 parry bless
faerie fire
8 detect invis
9 cure critical
know alignment
11 detect traps
12 kick fast healing summon
13 cure disease
14 cure poison
remove curse
15 trance locate object
16 calm
17 create spring
18 haggle protective shield
20 frenzy
21 shield block faerie fog
22 steel wall
23 infravision
24 dispel magic
25 hand to hand shield
26 second attack cancellation
27 word of recall
28 turn undead
29 pass door
30 enhanced damage curse
31 dispel evil
dispel good
32 two handed bless arms
35 stake stone skin
37 spell turning
40 ray of truth
path of deceit
42 portal
45 isolate
50 holy hands
divine intervention

Good aligned clerics acquire the skills and spells in green.
Evil aligned clerics acquire the skills and spells in red.

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