Forsaken Mud



Elf, Drow, Dwarf, Duergar, Avian, Slith, Feral, Half-Elf and Half-Drow


There are those fighters in the lands of Aabahran who swearing their blood oaths upon their blades dedicate their life to achieving perfection in the art of swordplay.

These Blademasters focus on accuracy and agility above brute force and by becoming one with their chosen weapon are capable of fighting with speed and grace unknown to any other profession. Able to attack with equal ferocity with one or two weapons, they study the anatomy of their enemies and land terrifying critical strikes to cripple and disable their opponents. Their focus on dexterity and agility in combat allows them to choose various battle positions as well as weapon placement in order to adapt to any situation. Late in their career they begin to learn secret stances allowing them to perform feats in combat impossible for any other guild and become experts and masters in anatomies of their choice.

However, these abilities do not come without a price. The Blademasters cannot wear heavy armors or equipment least it hinder them in battle, and they must enter deep meditation in order to restore their clarity of mind required for their battle skills.


Blademaster Titles

Level Skills Spells
1 dagger sword
parry recall
2 polearm
3 spear
4 onslaught
5 double sheath critical strike
6 footwork
8 hand to hand blind fighting
10 double grip two handed
11 disarm
12 chop
13 fast healing haggle
14 meditation
15 healing
16 trip lore
17 charge
18 counter
20 dodge
21 blood vow
22 bladework powerstrike
24 balance deathweaver
25 bladerush
27 vigil battlesphere
28 twin counter
29 predict [bladelore]
30 dual parry
31 battlefocus
32 battle stance
33 [anatomy expertise]
36 [bladelore]
37 battletrance
39 backpin
40 [bladelore]
41 snakespeed
42 deathstrike
43 [anatomy expertise]
44 pinwheel
45 [bladelore]
46 avatar of steel
47 [bladelore]
48 spellkiller
49 [bladelore]
50 [anatomy mastery]

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