Forsaken Mud



Human, Dwarf, Duergar, Fire, Stone, Storm, Minotaur, Werebeast and Ogre.


Berserkers are a sect of fighters who focuses more on brute strength and the direct approach instead of the complex combat maneuvers of the warriors. They are known to have a foul and uncontrollable temper, walking a thin line between sanity and insanity. At times, they are known to be overwhelmed by their temper and plunge into a frenzy of rage. While in this state, a berserker is known to inflict massive amount of damage on their opponent as well as being able to withstand incredible blows from others. There are times when a berserker may be overcome by panic when they cannot see. During this period the berserker may begin to land blows at frantic pace until his panic subsides.

At midpoint of their career, the members of this guild choose a focus for their deadly rage thus becoming unstoppable juggernauts of fury, or more controlled zealots able to always calm their deadly anger only to call upon it once again when it serves them best.

Late in their career they may choose a single weapon type to gain expertise in, thus becoming more skilled with it then mere common swordsman. Soon after their choice in Path Focus flowers into frutition and they gain further abilities dependant upon their earlier choices.


Berserker Titles

Level Skills Spells
1 axe dagger
flail mace
polearm shield block
spear sword
enhanced damage hand to hand
recall staff
two handed
5 parry
6 fast healing rage
7 second attack
8 dirt kicking
10 relax swing
13 charge
15 trip bodyslam
16 berserk haggle
17 dual wield roar
18 meditation
19 third attack
20 warcry
21 dodge
22 weapon cleave
23 shield cleave
25 lore
27 regeneration
30 [path focus]
33 headbutt
36 haymaker [rage focus]
38 double grip
41 [rage focus]
46 [rage focus]

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