Forsaken Mud



Human, Elf, Halfling, Gnome, Avian, Half-Elf, Half-Drow and Faerie.


Bards are the jacks of all trades in Aabahran. Dabbling in every profession but excelling in none, they are daring swordsman with a flashy style of combat, capable thieves and rudimentary spell casters, making their living as rouges, adventurers, minstrels, and storytellers. They also possess the ability to weave powerful magical enchantments using their songs and instrumental music. Their melodies can quicken one’s feet for battle, provide nourishment and drink for entire gatherings, or strike down their enemies with crippling weakness and powerful magic.

Although they lack the specialized abilities of other professions, the Bard’s diversity and flexibility makes them an easy class to survive with and perfect for those whom have just begun to get their feet wet in the PK environment.


Bard Titles

Level Skills Spells
1 dagger mace water to wine
sword dirt kicking
scrolls wands
recall staff
create torch instrument
2 parry mining marriage song
3 ballad to the march
4 ventriloquate
5 lore [repertoire]
6 haggle
7 dodge kick leviathans passing
8 fast healing
9 hand to hand
10 meditation dissonance battaglia
11 second attack
12 pick lock
13 analyze
14 disarm totems canticle
15 trip two handed suledin nadas
16 sneak lullaby
17 arduous regret
19 defuse
20 bardic student
21 pastoral of mind
22 duet tranquil ballad
23 refrain
24 uppercut maintain a kings feast
25 third attack peek
26 fired weapons
27 taunt let it be known
elegy of solitude
28 steal bagatelle of bravado
29 carol of lethargy
30 tarot cards reverberate
31 disguise
32 divertimento of horror
chorus of the revealed
33 brawl flight of the condor
34 tune
35 enhanced damage bardic expert
37 rest in peace
38 rhapsody of delusion
40 lamented tears
41 echoed voices
42 remembrance
45 four seasons
50 bardic master

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